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Changing regulations with the Portuguese Golden Visa

Posted by EHadmin on January 17, 2021
The Portuguese government has enacted a law at the start of this year amending the qualifying criteria for the Golden Visa.

From 1st of January 2022, any property bought in Lisbon and Porto regional areas, as well as the coastal areas, will not be allowed to qualify for the Golden Visa scheme. Only properties in the interior of the country will be considered. See map of new eligible areas.

This leaves a window of the next few months if you want to purchase a property in the main cities and thereafter gather the necessary documentation for your Golden Visa application to be submitted to the authorities before December 2021.

In these uncertain times with COVID-19 making travel difficult, a few of our clients have made successful use of our Virtual Purchase Process which allows quick submission of the application without any travel required whilst also guaranteeing a good financial return for you. Please contact us to learn more.

Our process is guaranteed to safeguard the client’s investment and quicken the route to a European passport.

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Mapa territorios do interior

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